Bee Safe -- Self-Help Guide



  • Teach children to be respectful of all bees.

  • Observe. Listen for buzzing, and look for signs of bees following a constant path.

  • Use care. Don't disturb a nest or a swarm. Call a professional.

  • If pursued by bees, take shelter in a building or vehicle. Protect your eyes and face if being stung. Protect your hair. Don't swat at bees - it makes them more aggressive


  • Remove possible nesting sites from the area around your home: empty containers; old tires; vehicles; cavities in fences, ground, and trees Inspect outbuildings, eaves and crawl spaces. 

  • Seal openings larger than 1/8" in walls and around plumbing.

  • Install screens where openings cannot be sealed.

  • Avoid wearing colognes and scented soaps.  


Sting Response

  • Remove stingers -- if possible scrape them off rather than squeezing them, but most importantly, get them out quickly.

  • Wash the sting or stings with soap.

  • Apply ice.

  • Seek medical attention if stung numerous times or if allergic to bee stings.


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